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“It’s out of my hands. I never should have talked about it in the first place. I think what Jamie does is a better example of what you were asking me as regards empathy, actually. There’s a genuine concern for his subjects that’s often missed because of the extreme nature of the acts. But what that does, for me, is explode the idea of empathy into a greater, more significant, not necessarily unsympathetic, demand. There’s a focus to his work that looks for more from time and experience than what pornography or sex or therapy is most often seen as offering. He’s been in every book of mine since “Index””

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“In Lordotics, because a great deal of the book is concerned with old men regretting what they’ve come to see as less important than it once could have been, I put some old passages from books that I found to be particularly irksome memories. I could pretty up the context and say that my work is only ever a document of a particular time but it doesn’t work that way. I wouldn’t deny the precision it takes to rethink or relive it. I don’t have an excuse.”
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