“And the bent fucks are sometimes relegated to the walk down the halls still fourth or fifth place in an angrier line. Never enough time, never enough real appetite to stall their turn or accept that they’d rather sink than just watch.”
“These men are reasonable. They’re not locked up in asylums or loaded on chemicals to keep them from masturbating and hissing in public. Controlled rape. This sex obsession is contained. It is simple. These are men that prove the fallacy of a normal loving sexual stereotype more than they prove the psychosis of their little itching acts.”

(Source: roadbones)

“After waiting a few minutes I decided to try another booth. By now, there was no one in the hallways. I walked to both 9, the other side of the glory hole. Both were empty so I could check the hole out. The glory hole, which is so hot in theory, but was just problematic. This booth is larger then the other side and gives you some more flexibility in activities. You could suck, get sucked, and you could easily have someone else in the booth with you. Maybe even two people? There is still a gap in the door but less so, so it’s a bit more private.”

(Source: pussyshare)

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